Technical facts ::

10" wide range with backloaded horn, opening to the floor. Resonating backpanel

made of finest spruce. Cabinet construction using five different materials for evenly

distributed resonances and decay-spectra. 1" Tweeter with aluminium/wood horn.

High efficiency of 97dB/W with uncomplicated impedance spectrum, easy to drive for really low power amps above 3-4W/channel


Equipment stand


Our Equipment Stand can be equipped with a pneumatic suspension system to protect your HiFi system from negative impacts of vibrations. As with all mass-spring systems a low as possible resonant frequency in all degrees of motions is targeted. This extends the effective  of the decoupling downwards and is achievable by it´s high mass and perfectly adjusted spring parameters in relation to  the load. Beside the mechanical levelling a pneumatic adjustment to an asymmetrical load is also possible.Adequate internal damping of the  wood, combined  with an evenly distributed frequency spectrum makes it easier to handle vibrations  caused by audio components. 

Construction :: multilayer spruce core with veneers  of 0.4" solid wood according to customer specification  Massive shelves, box jointed drawers on invisible air-damped pull-outs are available.

 All dimensions and versions of design are freely configurable. Surface finished with environmental friendly oil.  




Special Version for a client .