Hommage 755


The design of the  Hommage 755  is based on the esthetics of the Western Electric 753 loudspeaker, the sole speaker of  Western Electric, which was offered for private use. Like as the Hommage à Ken speaker, the Hommage 755 is fitted with  the LM 755 Alncio driver. All parameters of driver were carefully tuned to the dimensions of the cabinet.


The development and realisation of the concept - supplemented by further insights that derived from the manufacturing of other speakers by Auditorium 23 - led to a result that gives a strong signal in the segment of full-range speakers. The physical properties of the LM 755 driver are perfectly maintained in all parameters by LineMagnetic Audio. The extreme complex and costly Alnico-structure, the thin pole plate, the 'overhanging' wound voice coil (manufactured for the first time by Western Electric and a feature of the 7 series), the accurate and well considered large conception of the spider in a wisely produced basket with little windows, the flat shape of the membrane, built as a one piece dome-construction out of the cellulose-pulp - properties which Western Electric elaborated in the 1940s. More than a few consider the WE 755 driver to be the best full-range driver in general.




With a height of app. 2.9 ft the Hommage 755 loudspeaker is  the  *Piccolo* in the product line of Auditorium 23.  With its elegant, high-quality and lean design this speaker can be easily integrated into the personal living space - with sonic results only to be found with excellent full-range drivers. 



Full-Range loudspeaker using the LM 755 Alnico driver.


The solid wood, ventilated  cabinet is manufactured in manual precision work.

93db efficiency 1w/1m at 4 Ohm impedance.


Dimensions::  90 x 40 x 31 cm



All visible wooden parts are manufactured in manual work with solid wood or thick veneers or covered with high-quality textile.The speakers are available in walnut, cherry, ash or whitewashed (or not) oak.